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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Coming soon

They are alive! and rumours of another ALIVE are rising up strongly a few days ago, I hope this will be true :D

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2manydjs - PIAS 30th anniversary mix

Hey! whats going up over there?
Yes, yes, I know... it's been a long since the last post, but hey, I make this as a hobby calm your tits. Ok sry for that, sometimes I think I'm funny... any way, why I'm here? easy, just to keep uploading, eventually, quality posts with interesting information or just with awesome music. This post is one of the second type:

Here's the last master piece of Soulwax celebrating the 30th anniversary of Play It Again Sam (PIAS), 2manydjs have made this special mix containing tracks that were released on the label over the years. PURE GOLD. enjoy!


And, as an extra (because I know you love extras) a Soulwax documentary on Canvas, Belgian Television. High recommend to see (or to start to see and finish burning out your house... for example) bye!


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mord Fustang - Champloo (Preview)

Do you want to listen the last track of Mord Fustang?
Well, this isn't the full track, but the Estonian producer enchants us with another preview of his latest work of art “Champloo.” This clearly has Mord written all over it, with his signature electric sound and bumping rhythm and a sweet glitch effect to make the track perfect. Starting off as he always does with a beautiful synths that do not prepare you for what is about to come, Mord delivers another explosive production. Enjoy!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Beakbot - By Your Side (new album)

The good new of the day is here!
Ed Bagner Rercords launches today the first album of this musical genius which reminds me of Jesus, and not by his appearance but I really think he's back from the dead and has been reincarnated in this magnificent DJ. The album consists of 14 jewels: some of them with collaborations of singers like Infrane, Ruckazoid (the one with the voice like Michael Jackson) or Pacific!; the Gaspard Augé's girlfriend (Alka Balbir) as the protagonist of the video clip of "One Out Of Two"; some already known because this album includes old songs like "Baby I'm Yours" or "Fantasy" and news; and even Breakbot making the quality music that he only know do. All of them full of the typical Breakbot touch of funk, indie, electro and magic, a lot of magic. Finally say that this is for sure one of the remarkable albums of the year. Please enjoy, with you, Breakbot:


I recommend to buy this masterpiece in the correspondent museum, but if you need this now in your library, go here

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

U P P E R M O S T - O N E

He is one of the unknowns, or at least not one of the most famous. But if the world would be fair and common people would understand about music, and not just about the shitty hits that media force them to hear on radio again and again and again...then yeah, then he would be on the top and comercial fake musicians like D.Guetta(...no it is too obvious...) let's better say David G. would have to clean Uppermost shoes. Sorry if this is not an impartial blog, but we just care too much about real music. And if you wanna take a dose of real music then keep listening. Because before listening these masterpieces you should be like this, but after listening the whole album you will be for sure like this.
Uppermost returns with a lot of that famous french electro sound under his arm. As everybody knows the biggest names here are Justice and Daft Punk. And after listening 'Audio, Video, Disco' is hard to say were this current of electronic music is going, but i would bet that Uppermost and his ONE are the next level of the 'french touch'. And after a short, but worth to read, review of the album, you could listen all these new tracks and will agree with me.

The prelude from the album is made with Origin. A perfect transition with chill vibes that will bring you to the exceptional atmosphere that Uppermost has created. And now starts the real thing...i mean the real thing. With Dance he does an exquisite use of some samples from Daft Punk - High Life. In the last (free) album we could hear a clear touch of french electronic samples, mainly Justice and Daft Punk, and definately this is still on his sound, and i am personally happy for it. After this dance electro song we find the songs that really compose the soul of this majestic album. In Blasted we hear what it's called the real Uppermost sound and in The People, you start to think how can be this album so superb...but this is just the beginning darling. By the time you'll be listening Faster your ears had started to bleed and you will ask yourself why you are in front of your PC instead of being in one of his lives. Disconnected was the first we could hear from ONE and since the very first moment we have been looking forward to this release. Who said that there isn't variety of styles in here? In Flashback we relax a little bit our muscles and enjoy what to me sounds like a Futurecop! song mixed with the electro killer touch from Uppermost. The rythm is not so heavy as it was 10 minutes ago, but still we can appreciate these nices beats in tracks like Gather or Dream world. About the next song we have a lot of questions, because Different is, as the name suggests, is something unusual that we didn't expect to hear in this album. Is this sound the new way that the artist will take in a future? Is it just a test? or maybe is it just a random title and we are just overthinking?...only time will tell 
This is almost over and we are already calm and ready to enjoy the Human. And of course another transition like the one we listened at the beginnig to say goodbye and bravo, BRAVO UPPERMOST!!!

The People

Support the artist and buy it HERE

Sunday, September 9, 2012

KOAN Sound and Reso

By now you have probably hear a lot about KOAN Sound and their new EP, wich is already out on OWSLA. If you haven't heared about The Adventures of Mr.Fox you still have the chance.
But this post is not to talk about the new EP, but about the huge combination of KOAN Sound (a puzzling, often paradoxical statement or story, used in Zen Buddhism as an aid to meditation and a means of gaining spiritual awakening) and Reso (a simultaneously moving a whole spectrum of electronic genres forward while further cementing his place as the overlord of hi-tech dubstep. With Reso wobble, hypercrunk, breaks, wonky, hip-hop and D n B all receive the treatment. Reso’s deep musicality, incredible skill, intricate programming and wildly diverse references place him at the peak of a new breed of electronic producers)
Check this last name if you didn't know it before cause he is comming hard from UK!

Saturday, September 8, 2012


We are starting September and among other things means that many deejays are encouraged to do their typical "mix of the month." The first is Lifelike, that delights us with this mixtape for more than half an hour impregnated of nudisco and french touch. Recorded in Paris with 2 digital Decks @ Silvertower Studio sounds pretty good, I love it. Enjoy and download for free!

1- MASON - The Kickoff - Animal Language

2- KANO - Its a War - SERGE SANTIAGO Edit - Antibemusic 

3- ALIXANDER III - Fade 2 Black - Nurvous Rec. 

4- THE KNOCKS feat. FRED FALKE - Geronimo - Kitsuné 

5- SAINT-MICHEL - Katherine - Columbia/Sony 

6- POPULAR COMPUTER - PopHeart - LIFELIKE remix - PComputerMusic 

7- THE SUBS - Decontrol - BLACKSTROBE edit - Lektroluv 

8- CASSIAN - I Love It - Nurvous Rec. 

9- CHROMEO - When The Night Falls - LIFELIKE remix - Turbo Rec./Atlantic rec. 

10- KRAAK & SMAAK - Runnin - Jalapeno Rec. 

11- CERRONE - Good Times (Im In Love) - LIFELIKE remix - Malligator

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